A Quick, Painless Procedure Can Put Hemorrhoids Behind You

November 5, 2012, by C. Stone Mitchell, MD, FACS

Hemorrhoids are very common. They affect both men and women, young and old, from age 20 to 90. About half of the population has hemorrhoids by the age of 50.

You probably wouldn’t know it though: People often suffer in silence.

Even worse, people don’t like to seek treatment for hemorrhoids, in part because they feel embarrassed and in part because they have heard negative stories about hemorrhoid surgery.

Both were factors for one of my recent patients. (more…)

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Time to Focus on Men’s Health

June 20, 2011, by Michael E. Kelly, MD, FACS

As we focus on dads each June, it’s also time to renew focus on men’s health and schedule potentially life-saving health screenings.

Given the choice between undergoing a simple health screening or suffering a life-threatening illness, it’s safe to assume most men would choose the screening. Unfortunately, far too many men ignore recommendations for routine health screenings and often ignore symptoms that can be indicators of serious disease. The symptoms of hemorrhoids, for example, are similar to those of more serious health problems, such as polyps or colorectal cancer. In those instances, early treatment is crucial. (more…)

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Take Time for Hemorrhoid Treatment

January 17, 2011, by C. Stone Mitchell, MD, FACS

Hemorrhoids are an oft maligned and far too often ignored medical condition. Symptoms typically begin with painless rectal bleeding during bowel movements. Other symptoms can include pain or a burning sensation, protrusion of tissue around the anus, and itching. (more…)

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